Bad Beats

Here is where you have the opportunity to share your most painful bad beats and suck outs. But before you post, please ask yourself one very important question… “Is this really a bad beat?”


3 responses to “Bad Beats

  1. Let me start off with my Vegas bad beat story!

    It’s not a big money tourney, just a $50 sit and go, we are only on the 3rd blind level and 6 on my table.

    Ok so I’m under the gun (can’t remember blinds exactly) and I look down at A4 off, raise to about 3x.
    Folded round to bb who calls, flop comes 2, 3, 5 rainbow. I try to look as uninterested as possible, the little old lady to my right bets just over half the pot. I pause then call, next card makes a possible flush draw.
    I get a check from my right so I bet, she raises and I practically have all my chips in before she finishes her sentence. She calls.
    I proudly flip over my straight and look over to see I’m up against a 25 off! She has 2 pair for anyone who may have missed that.
    4 outer on the river, I can’t even remember whether it was the 2 or the 5 that came. All I remember is the sick feeling in my stomach! So much for my first Vegas tournament.

  2. So it’s 3am and I just got back from the casino. Here’s how I busted…
    9 players left from 46, 4 handed, blinds at 3k/6k, my stack = 72k, on the button I raise to 18k with A ♣ Q♣ , Pavel shoves over the top, he has about 80k. I call. He turns over K♠ Q♥. First card out is the f%#king K♦ and he takes it down. If my hand holds I’d be sitting with around 150k when chip average is around 50k with 8 players left.
    I know its not the sickest bad beat in the world, but it just really really pissed me off. For those of you that don’t know Pavel, he’s loose aggressive and my A ♣ Q♣ is ahead against a large chunk of his range often enough for me to make the call.
    Was going for a 3rd final table in as many attempts, instead it turned into busting-out-by-getting-it-in-with-the-best-hand 3 weeks in a row!!!

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