Grinding to get entry!!!

So we’ve all been pretty rubbish at maintaining our blog. My deepest and most sincere apologies to every one of our thousands of followers. From here on out we will do our best to keep you all better informed of our poker escapades.

So, as Chris mentioned, the three of us headed down to Teesside with the goal of coming home a few thousand pounds richer. I’m not going to babble on about how well everything went, as Chris covered just about every aspect of our successful road trip in his most recent post.

They just shoved me in the back like an animal

Our next big event we have decided to tackle is the UKIPT Nottingham which takes place in February. The Nottingham leg of the tour usually has quite a large number of entries in comparison to the other stops (except the final in London) and the event takes place in one of the UK’s most well-established card rooms – Dusk Till Dawn. Really excited about heading down and checking out this card room, especially because we’ve been talking about the feasibility of opening our very own card room here in Edinburgh. I’m gonna be taking a similiar method to Chris in order to gain entry into the Nottingham event, basically grind and grind small stakes online and attempt to build a bankroll of between 8 and 9 hundred dollars and use that to cover my buy in. Hence the title of this post. Sounds relatively easy right? $800 in 3 months? piece of cake lol.

In other news, I’ve actually been doing alright recently in terms of profit/loss. Missed the first 3 weeks of the Wednesday League at the Casino, but played the 4th week and came 4th out of 48 (busted holding AA), played the 5th week and came 6th out of 45 (got it in PF holding A8, called by A7, 7 on the turn), so I’ve managed to rack up a few points and hopefully can continue to do well and finish in the top 12 after 12 weeks. Been doing quite well in our local Thursday and Sunday night games, was going for a hat-trick of wins last week but never managed to get there, still been winning on a regular basis though. Took it down last night for another £170 which was quite satisfying, managed to knock out both my blog-partners because they both shoved on me when I was holding hands that had them both CRUSHED 🙂 There is, however, one game which I have been unable to beat every single time I play in it. Its kinda weird too, because theoretically it should be the easiest game out of all the games I play in. The game I am speaking of is the £5 buy-in Nuts League Monday night game at The Pond. You can laugh all you want about the fact that I still play in a £5 game but to be honest its not about the money (cos even if i win, which i don’t, the prize money would barely cover beer for the night), I enjoy heading down to the pond cos everyone’s super chilled and it’s always a good laugh. I just realised that maybe the reason I don’t win at The Pond is because I spend the equivalent of 1st place prize money on beer? hhhmmmm but their beer is really good and I don’t drink whilst playing any other games. Another factor which I find strange about The Pond game is that Stefano seems to do really well in it every time. He won the league there last season, and if my memory serves me correctly, he took it down last Monday????? Maybe tonight’ll be my turn 🙂

I’ve decided to add a results section on our blog, just so we can monitor our progress (or lack there of). We’ll be keeping it updated with any cashes or wins any of us might have in any of the games we play in (live and online).

As always…thanks for reading…and keep GRINDING!!!!!!


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