Slight Return (chris)

First off, let me apologise for the recent inactivity on our blog. I know that there must be thousands, if not tens of thousands, millions of you waiting on the edge of your seats for an update on our poker life.

I solemnly promise from here on out that I will absolutely, at the very least, think out about updating the blog once a week, maybe fortnight.

Anyhow, I bet you are wondering how we got on at the pokerplayer tour Teesside event? no? well im gonna tell you anyway; rubbish. none of us lasted to tea time and as the event started 2 hours late, due to not having enough chips (how ridiculous is that), that was a pretty poor performance by us all. We had thought about the ‘final’ but after the organisational shambles and the frankly rotten buffet (which they ran out of food on) I think we will give it a miss and use that to buy in to something else.

So I had a good spell for about 4 weeks up until last week. in that space of time I came 3rd and 2nd in the 6-max at the casino and won/cashed at our regular sit n go with the guys.

We have decided that we are going to play in the ukipt Nottingham in february, and to that end I have, today, started playing micro cash games on pokerstars to see if I can build my balance up to get a buy in.

Started fairly well today. I deposited $50 and took $25 into a $0.10-$0.25 6-max cash. I was up at $70 for a while, I told myself once I get past $75 I will cash out, $50 is  a good start, I didn’t get there. dunno if I gave myself a block but sat at $60-70 for about 30 mins, then found myself back at $45 after telling myself he can’t have a king on a paired king board. So I got it back up to over $50 and cashed out.

So I have a bank roll of about $80, only another $800 to go.

Stay tuned for more micro stakes cash excitement!


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