6 Max Free Roll And Other Things (Chris

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Hello again!

Time for another update.

First off lets run down what happened in the 6 max free role.

The format for this tournament was 12 qualifiers, 2 tables of six and chip stack relative to your final points amount. Average stack was about 15000 and there was about 2000 separating 4th and 12th with the top three not far off at all (I qualified in 8th position).

I am happy to say that Chase also qualified for this final and even happier that we were not sat at the same table to start with!

It went pretty well to start for both of us, in fact by the time we got down to a single table Chase and I had taken out every player so far between us. Got to the final table, I was fine, good stack and not too much bother, unfortunately Chase went card dead and ended up busting out in 5th place, we had a break then and the rest of the table started talking about just splitting up the cash between us, we were all pretty even stacked, with no clear leader and due to me having to work the next morning and it being after midnight already, i agreed.

£250 for a nights playing poker is good for me, feel a bit crappy that we decided to chop just after Chase busted, would much rather have had him in the chop also, but when we were 5 he was so short stacked it would have looked totally sus if I suggested splitting then!

A welcome return of our weekly/biweekly sit and go last week, now that 3/4 of our table return to action after a break for Ramadan. I’ve not had much joy so far but I’m sure a win will come shortly.

I have just bought my seat for the PokerPlayer Tour Stockton-Upon-Tees leg. Looking forward to that, a little road trip with Chase and Stefano and another leg of a national poker tour to play in.

I have a new toy that I am trying out at the moment, expect to see some video footage of us playing poker soon!

I’m feeling pretty good about poker at the moment, I think I am making good decisions and timing well. I am not a lucky player, I think everyone says this, but I do genuinely believe this and I try my hardest to minimise the effect luck has on any hand that i am involved in, this sometimes means that I can seem tight and passive to some and at times I probably am, but my biggest worry about the way I play is about the opportunities that I miss to gain extra value for my hands.

A prime example of this the other night, Stefano and I were in the hand and I had trip Jacks on an Ace high board, I was pretty sure Stefano had top pair (which he did) and he made a sizeable bet into me on the river and instead of raising, I just flat call. At the time I tell myself that I am only making the call because there was 3 spades out and what if he made some horrible flush on the river or full house.

Stefano helps with this as he takes the opposite line, where if you have a good hand a huge majority of the time it is going to be the best hand and watching that style of play has help me not to be so passive.

So hopefully we are learning and will continue to learn from each other, and that will then bring us all up another level!

Once again, thanks for reading and if you want to make any comments, praises, criticisms or random thoughts please feel free to do so!


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